Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wicked Little Things

Director: J.S. Cardone
Writers: Boaz Davidson & Ben Nedivi
Released: 2006
Labels: Chiller|Supernatural|Zombies|2000's

The bereaved Tunney family move to their newly inherited house in the remote, wooded hills of Pennsylvania. Nearby is a deserted mine where a group of working children were mistreated and died many decades before. An evil presence lies in the woods and the family soon learn that being out after dark can be dangerous.

Wicked Little Things looks creepy, it has a good lead cast and the SFX are well handled.  However, these few plus points come no where near saving this movie from being a slow, labored, uninspiring affair. Every cliche in the book is thrown at this flick, things like: vehicles that just won't start (or are stuck), staring yokel locals telling you not to go into the woods/out at night and creepy sounding children's laughter. 

Instead of increasing the tension, these well-worn devices clog up the screen making you lose touch with the actual story or any characterization. In short, you are never engaged. Zombie what?, Daddy died.....who cares? The Mine shaft has a dark history? On top of the lack of interest, we are subjected to some ridiculous moments that defy all logic (even when faced with Zombie children), most notably the standing in a shower of blood scene in the barn at the end (just move one step forward you dumbasses!!!!).

Wicked Little Things is not even a good idea ruined by bad filmmaking, it was just a bad idea from the start.

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